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Today’s Tune: ‘Taking Chances’ by Sharon Van Etten

Track: ‘Taking Chances’
Artist: Sharon Van Etten
Album: Are We There
Release: 26 May 2014 (UK) & 27 May 2014 (US) via Jagjaguwar

What they say:  The lead single from… ‘Are We There’ is made up of tiny things: a silvery, clipped guitar that feels like condensed from a post-punk record, a hip-bump of a drum beat, and bits of synth that swarm like bacteria populating on a microscope slide. The music feels like it’s creeping into an unlit kitchen at 4 a.m., but when [Sharon] Van Etten’s voice glides across the surface, all the lights flip on at once. – Jayson Greene, Pitchfork.com


Today’s Tune: ‘Give Me Your Love’ by Gateway Drugs

Track: ‘Give Me Your Love’
Artist: Gateway Drugs
Album: TBC
Release: TBC

What they say: “…The stylistic approach of ‘Give Me Your Love’ doesn’t tread too far from the duo’s previous material, but it does seem to have more of an airier effervescence, at least compared to their other efforts. Bubbly synths and a playfully patient drum machine makes the sound somewhat reminiscent of the more restrained efforts of Cut Copy or Hot Chip.” – Mike Mineo, ObscureSound.com

Today’s Tune: ‘Strange Feeling’ by Panama

“Hopeful house enthusiasts and purveyors of nostalgic electronic sounds, ” is how Panama, rather aptly, describe themselves. The band, based in Sydney, have just released ‘Strange Feeling’ as their latest single and as a free bonus track on the US edition of their sophomore EP Always. If ‘Strange Feeling’ leaves you with that good feeling then make sure to pick up the EP for more of that same electro-pop goodness.

‘Strange Feeling’ and Always are both out via Future Classic now.


Today’s Tune: ‘Colony Glen’ by Gardens & Villa

Gardens & Villa are back with a second album and brand new single.  The five-piece Californian natives’ latest tune ‘Colony Glen’ is pure synth-pop goodness and the perfect track to ease into spring – or reminisce on sunnier days depending on the hemisphere you’re in.

‘Colony Glen’ appears on their second album Dune, which is out now via Secretly Canadian.