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Today’s Tune: ‘Taking Chances’ by Sharon Van Etten

Track: ‘Taking Chances’
Artist: Sharon Van Etten
Album: Are We There
Release: 26 May 2014 (UK) & 27 May 2014 (US) via Jagjaguwar

What they say:  The lead single from… ‘Are We There’ is made up of tiny things: a silvery, clipped guitar that feels like condensed from a post-punk record, a hip-bump of a drum beat, and bits of synth that swarm like bacteria populating on a microscope slide. The music feels like it’s creeping into an unlit kitchen at 4 a.m., but when [Sharon] Van Etten’s voice glides across the surface, all the lights flip on at once. – Jayson Greene,


Today’s Tune: ‘Pressure’ by My Brightest Diamond

Track: ‘Pressure’
Artist: My Brightest Diamond
Album: This Is My Hand
Release: 16 September 2014 via Asthmatic Kitty Records

What we say: ‘Pressure’ is a new release from singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shara Worden’s side project, My Brightest Diamond. The marching snare drum beat and wind orchestrations perfectly fit Worden’s commanding vocals in this infectious and upbeat track.

Today’s Tune: ‘Moonsea’ by Phildel

Track: ‘Moonsea’
Artist: Phildel
Album: The Disappearance of the Girl
Release: 18 March 2013 via Decca Records

What they say: “‘Moonsea’ could be her James Bond theme tune… The vocals seem to emit from a tannoy system then flow into a dream like state… It has this immense echoing percussion sound mixed up with a harpsichord keyboard effect sweeping up behind.” – StevoMusicMan – Ramblings Of A Music Man

Today’s Tune: ‘Discourse My New Romance’ by Shinedoe Feat. Karin Dreijer

Track: ‘Discourse My New Romance’
Artist: Shinedoe Feat. Karin Dreijer
Album: Illogical Directions
Release: 19 May 2014 via Intacto Records

What they say: “Amsterdam-based DJ Shinedoe (aka Chinedum Nwosu) provides the groove with Karin Dreijer of The Knife providing the vocals on this dance-able, but somewhat eerie, track ‘Discourse My Romance’. ” – Liam Sullivan, Portals of Discovery

Today’s Tune: ‘Tropical Oceans’ by D.D Dumbo

Track: ‘Tropical Oceans’
Artist: D.D Dumbo
Album: D.D Dumbo
Release: 11 November 2013 via The Blue Rider

What they say: “Steady and spartan in both tempo and arrangement, D.D’s gossamery hum pokes, just about, through the thump of tribal percussion and a twanging deep south guitar riff. ” – Dan Carson,

Today’s Tune: ‘Emhlabeni’ by AndyBoi

Track: ‘Emhlabeni’
Artist: AndyBoi
Album: Trail Evolution
Release: 10 June 2014 via Soul Candi Records

What they say: “‘Emhlabeni’ is a super-hot tune from Soul Candi’s master producer who constantly stays under the radar but never disappoints on the decks as well as in the studio, Andy Boi. ‘Emhlabeni’ is co-produced by Cuebar and features as Andy Boi’s first original single to be put out from his new Trail Evolution album.” –

Today’s Tune: ‘Turn it Around’ by Lucius

Track: ‘Turn it Around’
Artist: Lucius
Album: Wildewoman
Release: 31 March 2014 via Play It Again Sam

What they say: “‘Turn It Around’ is an emphatic, highly percussive track that’s a ‘Hollaback Girl’-style callout in more ways than one. [Jess] Wolfe and [Holly] Laessig’s vocals wail over a bouncing beat, rising in tension during the vocals to build to a brilliant chorus…” – Jacob Webb,